Walkway with Skylight Fall Protection

Why Skylight Protection is Essential

Skylight Protection provides a protective measure for roof lights and fragile roofs which can complement collective measures and personal protection equipment to provide complete safety against falls from height.

On average 7 people each year are killed after falling through a fragile roof or fragile roof light. These accidents usually occur whilst operatives are carrying out routine maintenance activities on roofs of factories and warehouses.

This form of fall protection system is available as UPVC skylights, galvanised mesh skylights, modular roof light protection and netting skylights. Altus Safety can provide expert advice on which type of fragile surface solution will meet your specific requirements, carrying out professional risk assessments and site surveys to establish the best fix to your problem.

As an independent  fall protection inspector and tester of specialist working at height equipment you can trust we will recommend a solution that is both compliant to the latest British Standards and cost effective.

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