Walkway with Skylight Fall Protection

Why Skylight Protection is Essential

Skylight Protection provides a protective measure for roof lights and fragile roofs. It can be used in conjunction with other safety mechanisms and training to provide greater safety against falls from height.

On average 7 people each year are killed after falling through a fragile roof or fragile roof light. These accidents usually occur whilst operatives are carrying out routine maintenance activities on the roofs of factories and warehouses.

Skylight Fall Protection Services and Equipment

There are various types of fall protection systems that can be used to help prevent unnecessary accidents at work.

UPVC Skylights

If left without maintenance, a skylight may change colour and blend in with the surrounding roof sheets. Walking on these brittle surfaces can cause fatal accidents for workers, so it is important that the appropriate equipment is used to protect them.

This UPVC protection is a preferred safety measure where working from height is unavoidable. You can contact us for more information regarding how this equipment should be used.

Galvanised Mesh Skylights

This skylight fall protection cover acts as a cage over the skylight. It clearly shows roof workers where the brittle surface is and protects them should they fall over onto the area. They are suitable for application to new and pre-existing roofs.

Modular Roof Light Protection

Unlike the galvanised mesh skylights which completely cage the skylight and may obstruct the view of a clear window to the sky, modular roof light protection functions as a skylight fall protection system by creating a tall barrier around the skylight, often used on raised skylights on flat roofs.

It warns roof workers where the skylight is and prevents against weight being put upon the brittle surface by creating a tall barrier.

Netting Skylights

This is a non-penetrative solution for skylight protection. One of the main advantages to netting skylights is that it is a very easily transportable solution so ideal for temporary works.

Get in Touch with Altus Safety for Skylight Protection

Altus Safety can provide expert advice on which type of fragile surface solution will meet your specific requirements. We can also carry out professional risk assessments and site surveys to establish the best fix to your problem.

It may be necessary for your safety solution to undergo checks to stay compliant with British law, most of our solutions require at least one check every 12 months. As an independent fall protection inspector and tester of specialist working at height equipment you can trust we will recommend a solution that is both compliant to the latest British Standards and cost effective.

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