Rope Access Engineer on a Facade Access Track

Rope Access Services & Façade Access Systems

Rope access systems are ideal for use in tough areas and situations where access is somewhat restricted, making access via other equipment types very difficult and sometimes impossible. At Altus Safety, we can install anchorage devices that will allow high level access that is both thoroughly risk assessed and in full compliance with Work at Height Regulations.

Our Rope Access systems fully comply with the following standards:

BS EN 795:2012 Personal Fall Protection Equipment – Anchor Devices
BS 8610:2017 Personal Fall Protection Equipment – Anchor Systems

Altus Safety can provide expert advice and recommendations regarding which type of rope access services or façade access system best suits your specific requirements. Our skilled team will be with you every step of the way and will provide full fabrication, installation, and maintenance services for a complete rope access system.

  • Abseiling Anchors: Whether they are used in the form of davits, tracks, posts or eyebolts, each solution can be easily moved and used on a variety of roof types. They require no attachment, whilst reducing the need for several installed anchors.
  • Davit Arm Systems: Available for use as a removable system with sockets to suit most roofs, this system allows a generous amount of reach to provide protection for balustrades and parapet walls.
  • Rope Access Tracks: Suitable for internal and external use, these rope access systems enable multiple operatives to traverse quickly and efficiently without the need for rigging and de-rigging.
  • Roof Anchors: Posts and eyebolts are fixed anchors that are commonly used for their simplicity and cost effectiveness. They excel as solutions in cases where damage to delicate copings/balustrades is not an issue; typically, where internal access is required for external work.

With a façade access system, you can create minimum disruption to a project and deliver efficient mobilisation with complete site security and safety.

Contact Altus Safety for Further Information About Rope Access Services

As independent fall protection designers and installers of specialist equipment for those working at height, we can provide you with the expertise and guidance needed to ensure that you are performing work safely and effectively. We are also fall protection inspectors, so you can trust us here at Altus Safety to recommend rope access systems and other solutions that are suited to your requirements, as well as being cost effective and compliant to the latest British Standards. Before deciding upon a solution, we can also carry out risk assessments and site surveys to identify a specific rope access system that is ideal for your project requirements.

If you would like to discuss your project requirements for façade access and rope access systems in further detail, do not hesitate to get in touch, as we’re more than happy to help.

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