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Rooftop Access – Safety Considerations

roofer putting on roof seals with blow torch

Rooftops can be a dangerous place. Unless you know what to look out for!

The first consideration should be access. The most common forms of rooftop access are either by a doorway or ladder. The key questions you should be asking yourself when assessing the risks involved before working on a rooftop are:

What is the primary form of access? (Ladder/Doorway/Skylight/Hatch)
Is the area properly lit?
Is there secondary metal work in place such handrails, platforms or ladder rungs?
Is this area properly maintained?

At this early stage, it’s vitally important to question or highlight areas you feel are clearly dangerous. Address the issue immediately before someone is injured or worse.

Even though you’re now able to establish a safe means of access you’re by no means out of the woods. It’s not uncommon to find that the access hatch you’ve used to access the roof is less than 2m away from the leading edge with the hatch opening up to the leading edge, the parapet could be less than 1.1m, Ladders may not have sufficient handholds either side, the entry & exit points of the ladder may not have a self closing gate.

Do any of these scenarios’s sound familiar?

If any of these situations match the scenario on your roof, address the issues head-on to ensure the safety of workers at risk. Read more about our roof access solutions.

Here at Altus Safety, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of common ‘and uncommon’ WAH issues people face every day. We are able to offer completely impartial advice on a broad range of solutions to suit your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact our team today.

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