Folding Free Standing Edge Protection

Which Guardrail Systems are better for you?

Working at heights may be unavoidable, but with one of our high-quality guardrail solutions, you can rest assured that you have done what you can to eliminate potential fall hazards. At Altus Safety, we believe that guardrail systems should be your preferred method of fall protection in many situations, and we pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to help you understand the benefits of each guardrail, coming to a decision about which solution is best suited to your requirements.

We supply world leading MSA Latchways Versirail Gaurdrail Systems, which can suit the following needs:


  • Freestanding Guardrail: Due to its unique counter balance design, this guardrail does not require drilling or penetration, and is therefore suitable for use on most roof types.


  • Collapsible Guardrail: This guardrail can be folded down when not in use, almost eliminating visibility from ground level. Again, this solution does not require drilling or penetration.


  • Fixed Guardrail: The benefit of this system is its ability to be secured to most materials commonly found at roof level, such as standing seam, composite, concrete, single ply and brick. Our fixed edge protection system is ideal if you want to bring parapet walls up to correct height standards.


  • Clamp Guardrail: This guardrail allows for flexible installation over copings of various widths and angles as a result of the unique adjustable clamp design. This does not require drilling or penetration.


Innovatively Designed Guardrail Systems

All guardrail systems from Altus Safety can be constructed and dismantled easily by workers thanks to their versatile designs; the freestanding, folding and clamp edge protection systems make for great permanent and temporary hazard protection. In addition, the designs are offered in straight, curved and non-trip materials, including galvanised or stainless steel and aluminium with powder-coated finishes, alongside accessories such as spring-loaded gates, mesh infills and toe boards.

As an independent inspector, supplier, designer and installer of safety equipment for heights and hazards, we pride ourselves on recommending solutions that are not only cost effective, but also British Standards compliant. We offer such a recommendation based upon a survey and risk assessment that we carry out as the first step when solving any problem.

We’re more than happy to discuss your requirements with you in order to find the correct guardrail systems, amongst other solutions. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.

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