Galvanised Free Standing Step Unit and Platform

Free Standing Steps, Gantries & Platforms Developed by Altus Safety

As technology develops, our new buildings are becoming more obscure and our existing buildings have to utilise space, unearthing a variety of access issues. The use of free standing steps, gantries and platforms instead of ladders has significantly improved safety, reducing the risk of accidents such as slips, trips & falls, in many situations it’s essential to install steps, gantries or platforms to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.

Altus Safety are highly experienced designers, fabricators & installers of bespoke metal work. Our solutions range from modular free standing steps to entirely bespoke access gantries.

Fabricated in Kit Form for Your Convenience

Free standing steps, such as our step over platforms are fabricated in kit form, allowing them to be fabricated off site and constructed on site with relative ease. As standard, our steps are supported by bigfoot feet which evenly distribute the load of each step unit with no need for fixing, making them the common choice for those wanting to negotiate roof mounted services.

Platforms and gantries are often used for accessing warehouse machinery. Our systems can reduce the risk of working at height accidents in many situations. These systems can be designed and installed entirely freestanding or permanently secured to any adequate structure.

Free standing steps, platforms & gantries can come in several different designs and finishes such as aluminium, galvanised steel, GRP, stainless steel, powder coated and are also available freestanding or fixed, with or without handrail.

Additional Accessories

Optional accessories such as spring loaded gates, mesh infills & toe boards are available to further enhance safety.

As an independent fall protection design, supply and installation specialist of working at height equipment you can trust that – following a working at height risk assessment – we will recommend a solution that is both compliant to the latest British Standards and cost effective.

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