Galvanised mesh skylight protection eliminates the hazard of falls from height on fragile surfaces. This collective solution is the preferred method of fall protection should working at height be unavoidable.

The system is suitable for multiple users at any time, requiring very basic working at height training making it the ideal solution for regular and long duration maintenance at roof level. The covers are light in weight and fire resistant – suitable to be fixed permanently to all types of new and existing roofs.

Galvanised mesh Skylight Protection is a simple cost efficient solution to fatal falls through fragile surfaces. It is recommended that this system is inspected and certified annually

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Key Benefits

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  • Collective measure / guards hazard / preferred method should working at height not able to be avoided
  • Suitable for multiple users requiring basic working at height training
  • Suitable for frequent access for long durations of time due to low risk level
  • A simple solution to fatal falls through fragile surfaces
  • Can be permanently attached to nearly all types of roof
  • A more cost efficient solution than plastic alternatives

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Additional Information

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On average 7 people each year are killed after falling through a fragile roof or fragile roof light. These accidents usually occur whilst operatives are carrying out routine maintenance activities on roofs of factories and warehouses.

Overtime skylights can become brittle and discoloured, and can even blend in with the surrounding metal profile roof sheets in bright sunlight, further increasing the chance of walking onto the fragile surface.

Galvanised mesh skylight protection complies with the following standards:

  • Class B certification in ACR [M]001:2014 (a test for non-fragility of large element roofing assemblies)
  • A long term solution using galvanised mesh and metal frame have been tested for non-fragility to the requirements of the UK’s Advisory Committee for Roof Safety’s (ACR). ACR(M)001-2011 [fourth edition] “Test for non fragility of Profile Sheeted Roofing Assemblies” Non Fragile Class A.

Testing/Inspection standards and frequency:
The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (P.U.W.E.R) 1998 – minimum of every 12 months by a working at height specialist company. These systems must be inspected by a suitable working at height Specialist Company.

Galvanised mesh skylight protection systems are available in a range of materials and finishes, Please see below:

  • Galvanised Steel
  • Powder Coated to any RAL colour

Galvanised mesh skylight protection can be fabricated to suit your roof type.

Mesh Skylight protection systems are also known as:

skylight screens, skylight guards, skylight protection, fragile surface protection, skylight covers, rooflight covers, rooflight screens, rooflight protection.

These systems are commonly installed in the following sectors:





Hotels / Leisure




Available Materials & Finishes

altus shield

Galvanised Steel

altus shield

Powder Coated

Got a question? Our team can tell you more about this solution.

You can fill in our contact form or contact us direct on 0330 113 0870 or