Access Ladder with Cage

Fixed Access Ladders

Fixed roof access ladders can be used in a wide range of applications from building level changes to scaling information towers.

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer our customers the right solution for any application by offering a wide range of roof access ladders. By working closely with our customers and carrying out working at height risk assessments, we ensure you understand the benefits of each ladder system we offer:


Caged Access Ladders

Also referred to as ‘CAT Ladders’ are a common solution for buildings they’re lightweight & versatile that can be fitted to any adequate structure.

Fall Arrest Ladder

These ladders provide complete fixed access ladder fall protection in the event of accidental falls whilst ascending or descending a fixed fall arrest ladder. Our ladders can come with a built in fall arrest systems or we can provide you with a system that is simply retro fitted to any existing ladder. Each system is designed to be used with a traveller allowing the user to climb easily without disconnecting, providing total confidence while climbing.

Companionway Ladders

These can be used where design parameters permit and are more practical to use than vertical ladders. Companionway fixed access ladders are designed for use in the 65° to 75° range. Each system is fitted with a single line of handrail on each side.

Ladder Ties

These are to be used with removable fixed access ladders in order to provide a strong ladder fall protection; they enable a person to work alone for short durations of time in order to complete a task where normally two people would be required.


Fixed Access Ladders for Comprehensive Protection

Fixed access Ladders can come in several different designs and finishes such as aluminium, galvanised steel, stainless steel & powder coated. Our Access Ladders are also available with & without cages, with & without fall arrest systems as well as retractable bottom sections to prevent unwanted access. Lockable security gates, handhold extensions and mesh infills are also useful accessories for ladder fall protection.

We also offer fall protection design, supply and installation of specialist working at height equipment you can trust. We will recommend a solution that is both compliant to the latest British Standards and cost effective.

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