Collective Fall Protection
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Collective Fall Protection

Falls from height remain one of the biggest causes of fatalities and major injuries. Common cases include falls from ladders and through fragile surfaces. The Hierarchy of Working at Height places emphasis on the elimination of the need to work at height. However, when this is not realistic you must look at either collective fall protection first (e.g. guardrails, ships ladders, skylight covers etc.), collective fall arrest next (e.g. nets, airbags etc.), or personal fall protection if none of the previous options are realistic (e.g. restraint systems, fall arrest systems etc.).

Guardrail fall protection

Collective fall protection equipment can protect multiple people and, if properly installed, does not require any specialist training to ensure it works. These systems also negate the need for the use of harnesses and cable systems which can restrict the user. Equipment such as guardrails and skylight protection prevent falls, whereas nets and airbags minimise the consequences of a fall.

Handrail systems for fall protection

There are several advantages to using collective measures as they protect more than one person, need less maintenance, are easier to use and require no training. Personal measures, on the other hand, only protect the user, need more maintenance and require a high level of training. Personal fall protection can also be ignored by workers or be used incorrectly, which is difficult to control.

An engineer standing at a guardrail

Altus Safety can design, supply and install various guardrail options such as freestanding handrails, folding, clamp and fixed, as well as different skylight protection such as UPVC, galvanised mesh, netted or modular. Our range of collective fall protection systems are designed to completely remove the risk of a fall from height. All systems meet current safety requirements, providing maximum protection.  With a wide range from various manufacturers, you can rely on Altus Safety to recommend the right solution at competitive prices.

Skylight protection systems

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