Caged Access Ladders & Fixed Access Ladders

Caged access ladders provide an easy to install, robust form of access that can be fitted to any adequate structure, and they provide safety standards that meet (or exceed) industry regulations, allowing you to remain in full compliance whenever there’s a need to work at height.

Implementing Fixed Ladders with Safety Cages

Cages are usually required by law to provide a basic form of fall protection equipment for all fixed access ladders that measure over two meters in height. These caged and fixed access ladder systems are suitable for frequent use internally and externally within both commercial and industrial environments. They typically see use as the primary point of access from ground areas to rooftops, or as an easy conduit from lower to upper roofs, although they can also serve as a form of plant access if required.

Caged access ladders are extremely versatile; they can be integrated into roof edge protection and modified with additional safety and security measures such as wire mesh, safety cages, lockable security doors and exit platforms to aid the user on and off, all helping to form part of a comprehensive access strategy. Altus Safety offer fall protection design, supply and installation of entirely bespoke systems to assist you with especially complex working at height problems.

An All-Encompassing Caged Access and Fixed Access Ladder Service from Altus Safety

The fixed and caged access ladder systems require only basic working at height training to be used, but must still be inspected by a suitable working at height specialist company every 12 months (at minimum). Don’t forget that Altus Safety can assist you in this respect, as our engineers have plenty of experience when it comes to offering fall protection inspection and testing services.

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Key Benefits

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  • Lightweight and versatile, can be fitted to any adequate structure
  • Suitable for internal and external use in commercial and industrial environments
  • Available with wire mesh to safety cages, Lockable security doors and Exit Platforms
  • Caged ladder systems can be integrated into guardrail systems
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Extremely robust with bespoke designs available

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Available Services

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Survey & Risk Assessment

Design, Supply & Installation

Inspection, Testing & Maintenance

Training, Courses & Seminars

Additional Information

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The Work at Height Regulations 2005 (WAHR 2005) require that, whenever a roof or raised area has to be accessed, that access must be undertaken in a safe and planned manner.

Whatever your access needs or problems may be, a vertical ladder can be designed to give you safe and secure access to any raised areas while being in total compliance with all Work at Height Directives.

Caged access ladders comply with the following standards:


BS4211: 2004

Testing/inspection standards and frequency:
The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (P.U.W.E.R) 1998 – minimum of every 12 months by a working at height specialist company


Did you know that…

  • Safety cages are required on all permanent access ladders over 2.5m, as per BS5395.
  • A fixed ladder must have an intermediate landing (rest platform) every 6m.
  • A fall arrest system may be used in lieu of safety cage and rest platform.
  • Rungs must have 180mm of clearance to accommodate toe space while climbing the ladder.

Caged access ladders are available in a range of materials and finishes, including the below:




Galvanised steel

Stainless steel


Powder coated to any RAL colour

Access ladders can be used on any high-quality structure that is capable of withstanding the additional load exerted by the system.

Caged access ladders are also known as:

Access ladders, fixed ladders, caged ladders, vertical access ladders, cat ladders, aluminium ladders or galvanised ladders

These systems are commonly installed in the following sectors:









Available Materials & Finishes

altus shield


altus shield


altus shield

Galvanised Steel

altus shield

Stainless Steel

altus shield

Powder Coated

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