Anti-Slip Walkways

Anti-slip walkways provide safe access around your roof area for staff and maintenance professionals, whilst the non slip surface helps to ensure all areas are free of any freestanding water. They are often used to designate specific routes on the roof and will protect roof membranes from damage from heavy foot traffic.

We frequently find that our anti slip walkways are commonly used for maintenance routes, which often come into contact with standing water.

Why Install Anti-Slip Walkways On Your Roof?

Anti slip walkways come with a number of benefits for your building, so you can be absolutely sure they are an ideal and completely necessary addition to your business. Here’s just a few of the reasons that you’ll want to install anti slip walkways within your business premises:

  • They protect from slips and trips, whilst also helping to protect your roof from a variety of issues.
  • Anti-slip walkways are quick and easy to fit, so you won’t need to close off areas of your roof for long periods of time.
  • An anti-slip walkway can be added to nearly all roof types, and they protect it from both pedestrian traffic and water damage.
  • As the system is loose laid and requires no fixing, it’s a cost-effective solution.
  • Thanks to the materials used to give the walkway anti slip properties, they require no maintenance.

Anti-slip walkways provide you with the peace of mind that your staff and contractors can navigate your roof with absolute ease, so you can rest assured that your roof will be protected and users safe. Enquire now and find out how your business could benefit from our anti-slip walkways.

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Key Benefits

Here’s a brief summary...

  • Safe, non slip surface free of freestanding water
  • Protects the roof from damage due to pedestrian traffic
  • System is loose laid requiring no fixing
  • Maintenance free
  • Resistant to wind lift
  • Ideal to bring existing parapet walls up to correct height standards

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Additional Information

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Rubber Walkway provides a safe anti-slip walkway whilst at the same time protecting the roof membrane from damage. The self-draining design allows rain water to run off the walking surface.

Anti-slip Walkway can be supplied in various colours.

Walkway is loose laid and only requires fixing should wind speeds be expected to be in excess of 95mph.

Anti-slip Walkway are also known as:

Non-slip walkway, freelaid roof walkway

These systems are commonly installed in the following sectors:





Hotels / Leisure




Available Materials & Finishes

altus shield

Various Colours

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